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Computer access for everyone.  Click on an image below to see the slideshow from Lakeland School in Elkhorn Wisconsin


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Engineering turns ideas into reality


Early designs show tilt as a primary feature.  Height adjustability would be addressed in future designs.  Note that the adjustments were all done manually.  


Field Testing

A student at Vincent High School using an early design of the satalight.  The projector has been raised (off camera) to the ceiling so the projected image fills the working surface.  


As field testing continued, designers found that height adjustability was critical as not all students sat at the same height.  Students with the inability to reach and bend at the midsection strained to interact with the SMART Board.  Designs now include height adjustability and the use of a mirror to reflect the projected image onto the SMART Board, reducing  image shadowing.







Short throw projectors entered the market and were immediately deployed in the redesign of the satalight

A new laptop shelf was added

Many of the software applications included audio prompts.  A new speaker system was added for a more immersive experience.

Height and tilt adjustments were still manual operations.  Motor control adjustability experiments were underway that would show up in later revisions. 






Improvements to the height and tilt operations were made with design changes and the utilizations of hospital-grade electronics and lifting mechanisms. 

Soft touch buttons now control the lift and tilt features.  Keys allow for lockout of tilt and height operations, preventing accidental operation (image at right).

This is the most current version of the satalight




Usability was enhanced with the introduction of the switch interface, enabling switch users to interact with the satalight





Innovations in technology allowed for the adaptation of flat screen monitors in the Assistive Technology field.    

The satalight HD with Intended Touch technology (3M) was designed to fit applications where brighter screen images and no shadowing are needed.  

With the satalight and the satalight HD, InfoCor has positioned itself as the leader in the interactive learning and accessibility market.




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