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Atlanta family case study

Atlanta, GAI am a teacher who works with a family of a special needs child. They recently acquired a satalight® Interactive Learning Station for their daughter. For the past month, we have been using the satalight® for a variety of purposes including communication, working on academic skills and for leisure activities. The inclusion of the Smart Board makes this overall product a dynamic, interactive device which captivates the student and keeps her attention. She is able to access the device in the comfort of her room. After being trained on how to position the satalight® and the SMART Board, we are able to move it into a position where she has full range of motion when interacting with the board.

For communication, we are utilizing the BoardMaker program from Mayer-Johnson. The student is able to touch pictures to make choices for activities. In the past, we have tried other “low tech” means for choice making. She definitely seems to prefer the Smart Board versus other means as shown by her recent consistency in using the board. We hope to continue to add pictures and increase opportunities for her to communicate.

For academics, we use the satalight® in many ways. We use the online resource of News-2-You to bring up an interactive/pictorial current event newspaper for the student to read and then complete a variety of worksheets. Using the programs already on the Smart Board, she is able to complete worksheets on the actual computer instead of with pencil and paper. We also download touch screen programs from a variety of sources which involve counting, targeting activities and literacy activities. We are also exploring different software including Soft Touch and the Laureate programs (which are touch screen programs involving curricular areas such as science, math, English language arts, etc). In addition we are able to pull pictures for communication purposes off the internet using search engines and have also used Google Earth to show her where places and people are.

For leisure activities, the student is able to make a choice for coloring and playing a game on the board. We are able to play Candy Land, Disney games and even a version of Go Fish. Some of the Smart Board programs such as Paint and Tux Paint allow her to draw on the screen. She really enjoys drawing and it is a great way for her to express herself and have a product to share with others.

Overall, I think the satalight® has been a very useful tool for the student and her family. We are seeing positive results including: improved communication, more expression and increased academic skills. She really enjoys interacting with the board which is what is most important! We are still exploring its possibilities and look forward to seeing what is in store from InfoCor and the satalight® offering.

Rachel Marie
Galotti Private Tutor/Teacher Certified in Special Education
B.S. Vanderbilt University, M.Ed. Georgia State
Atlanta, Georgia



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