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True Believer Case Study

True Believer Case StudyMy school is composed of 11 students with multiple impairments including mild/moderate cognitively disability, autism, emotional/behavioral disabilities, audio, Downs, visually impaired, etc…These students are between 7 and 16 years old. I can honestly say that every student was actively engaged while either using or watching the satalight® do its magic. For example, three students were at the board doing an English lesson on matching sounds while the rest of the students including a severe ADHD and a visually impaired student were stationed at the satalight® . Both of these students were actively engaged in every aspect of the lesson and it was very exciting to see. The satalight® is welcoming, colorful and large enough to hold the interest of these two students.

Life is steeped in the 21st Century; therefore it is incumbent upon all educators to facilitate the usage of current technology. Special education students need to learn everything they can to be able to become active, productive members of society. Learning with the assistance of the satalight® promotes each student to become active participants in their own learning. Moreover, when honing in on each student’s specific “Multiple Intelligences,” the satalight® technology makes it possible to engage in visual and tactile learning which is essential to most special education populations.

The technology assists simply because it is interactive; the students want to learn because this technology is so engaging. My students enjoy the learning process because they are experiencing greater academic success by using the satalight® . The technology speaks to the student literally and figuratively. The students are making good, positive connections. They are excited about the technology because it is easy to use. The students are happy, successful and smiling as they learn. Who could ask for anything more?

In my opinion, the satalight® is technology at its best and would not change a thing. It is the greatest piece of technology I have ever used to add to my students personal successes and self-esteem. I used the daily living program and was ecstatic as my student learned how to make scrambled eggs. In addition, he was able to put the steps together correctly. That shows me that his comprehension has improved because of the satalight® technology. He was unable to demonstrate that ability prior to using the satalight® .

Maureen Ronewicz
Special Education Teacher
St. Coletta Day School
Milwaukee, WI



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