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Computer access for everyone.  Click on an image below to see the slideshow from Lakeland School in Elkhorn Wisconsin


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Lakeland School Case Study

I am presently a teacher for 3 and 4 year old early childhood students and they can be very impulsive and distractible at times. I have found that the students are definitely more engaged when using the satalight® Interactive Learning Station; however, when we use the satalight® they know each student must wait their turn. They are so interested in watching the screen that they sit patiently and wait, because they know that if they do not sit, they will lose their turn, so it is very motivating!Lakeland School Case Study

One major advantage the satalight® brings into the classroom is a whole new dimension to teaching disabled children. It is easily accessible and the children are very engaged with the satalight® and while itís easy to use, we can connect to the internet sites giving us endless possibilities. Other software applications that we use are Starfall, Nick Jr, and PBS kids.

The satalight® Interactive Learning Station has helped me tremendously in delivering my classroom applications and lesson plans. I use it for teaching letters, colors, and following directions. Iíve also noticed how much it helps develop my studentís eye-hand coordination.

We are looking forward to the school purchasing more satalight® Interactive Learning Stations shortly and thus allowing us more time to work with the satalight®, not to mention watching the progress and development of my students.

Martha Swan
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Lakeland School, Walworth County



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