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January 30th, 2009

InfoCor Launches mysatalight.com Website for its Interactive Learning Station Product

 InfoCor as a leader in every aspect of educational technology creates and continuously improves customer-focused products and service offerings centered on audiovisual integration and collaborative capabilities. www.mysatalight.com

As such, InfoCor has developed this web site for the satalight® Interactive Learning Station, to address accessibility issues of those children with special needs, both within the home and the classroom. With the redevelopment of what was formerly known as the “Merlit”, the new and improved satalight® , has energized the assistive technology market, thus resulting in very positive response and feedback from all walks of the educational world.

Although the main focus of the design was targeted towards the K-12 assistive technology market, InfoCor also researched other educational market needs, specifically within the early stage kindergarten,(3-5 year olds), nursery school, as well as vocational and specialized product design educational organizations.

The official launch of the satalight® was held at the Closing the Gap Assistive Technology Conference in Minneapolis in October 2008. This innovative product created international recognition and has since proven to be a desired product in other parts of the country. satalight® resellers across the U.S. and Canada are signing on quickly, sales have been growing steadily, and by creating this specific website will only enhance the understanding of its many capabilities, identify further development opportunities and allow for rapid market share growth.

Bill Jonesmysatalight.com officially launched late January 2009. This specialized website is intended to keep you abreast of changes and enhancements with hardware and software, avenues to find funding and types of funding available, where to find a satalight® reseller near you, the satalight® showcase schedule, as well as industry news and events.

"In today’s complex educational environment, families, schools and school districts, face both challenges and opportunities that can be addressed through more effective collaboration,” says Bill Jones, InfoCor’s Executive Vice President & COO. “Our satalight® interactive learning station, enables special educational individuals and teams to be on the same page instantly, offering new possibilities for engagement, improve effectiveness and enhanced accessibility and creativity through collaboration”.


  For general questions regarding the satalight® , please email info@mysatalight.com or call toll free 800.896.9495

  For sales inquiries please contact Mike Palecek, InfoCor's Regional Sales Director -Education, at sales@mysatalight.com or toll free 800.896.9495

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