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Where To Buy
InfoCor’s satalight® Interactive Learning Station family of products are sold through a network of fully trained authorized resellers who can help you choose the best satalight® model and options, whether you are a school, business or any level of government. To find an authorized reseller in your area, just use one of the navigable maps below to get started

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Funding Resources

Funding for assistive technology is available from a variety of public and private resources. To receive public or private funding, the individual must meet eligibility criteria for the specific program and provide sufficient documentation of the need for assistive technology.

Some programs may pay for equipment if the individual needing the device meets their requirements, however many of these programs are run by different agencies in different states making them hard to find. In general, the state’s Tech Act office can assist consumers and family members in finding and using these programs.

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Leasing Program

InfoCor is proud to announce our partnership with Advantage Leasing Corporation. As such, this partnership will allow for a funding alternative that will afford our educational partners the opportunity to purchase this unique product through a specially designed “satalight® ” leasing program, quickly and efficiently.

Advantage Leasing Corporation is a full service, one-stop leasing company with 18 years of experience. Their leasing process is painless, straightforward and they offer financing to customers across the country.

Our rationale for this leasing program was to offer an easy alternative to fund raising, grant applications, foundation justification, etc, thus allowing for the product to be put into use quickly and effectively.

To complete this process, InfoCor had to ensure our leasing partner, Advantage Leasing Corporation, clearly understood why the satalight®  was developed and its specific functionality, thus its value to the special needs market. Secondly, was to ensure by partnering, we are able to offer competitive rates through an affordable leasing program to every level within the educational, healthcare and corporate markets.

You may have several questions like:
• Why lease?
• What are the tax benefits of leasing?
• Who can lease?
• What types of leases are there?
• What is the minimum I can lease?

Advantage Leasing Corporation and your InfoCor Area Sales Manager can answer all of these questions and custom design a plan for you.

Together our goal is to help educational organizations and businesses alike, obtain the necessary financial means to provide a brighter future through the satalight®  interactive learning station.

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